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Taming Your Inner Brat: A Guide For Transforming Self-Defeating Behavior

by Pauline Wallin, Phd

“Why did I say that?” “I can’t believe I ate all that!” “What was I thinking?” Every one of us has said or done something that we later regret, even though we know better. And we’re likely to do it over and over again. The reasons we repeat such patterns are embodied in a concept called the “inner brat," which is responsible for getting us into trouble with ourselves and others. Taming Your Inner Brat explains the psychological sources of the inner brat, rooted in early childhood, and why bratty thoughts, feelings and behaviors persist. This book is about personal responsibility. We are not victims of our own impulses, addictions, or bad memories. Taming Your Inner Brat shows us how to view ourselves objectively to bring our problems into manageable perspective, and to make changes that last.

Our Price: $ 14.95 

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