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The Emotional House: How Redesigning Your Home Can Change Your Life

by Kathryn L. Robyn and Kawn Richie

Most of us spend more time in our homes than any other place. For better or worse, this highly personal space has a powerful influence over the way we feel about our lives. Based on the program used by the authors in their successful home consulting practice, The Emotional House: How Redesigning Your Home Can Change Your Life teaches readers to use psychological and design principles to transform their houses into nurturing and supportive living. The exercises in the book encourage readers to list the activities they engage in, room by room, in their homes. Readers learn how to analyze each room’s size, layout, and decor and how to read their psychological and physiological reactions to the various spaces. Then the book offers readers a step-by-step process they can use to figure out what they and their living companions--family members, roommates, and even pets--want out of each room. Based on these discoveries, the book proposes cleaning, organizing, and decorating ideas guaranteed to make each room function better. This books creates the perfect place to allow your spirit to expand!

Our Price: $ 14.95 

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